Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Android App

Now that I have the critical aspect of my group's Android app up and running, I wanted to say a little about how cool it could be. It is an application that integrates with an external service called fonolo, and will provide a clean Android specific user interface for working with fonolo.

What fonolo does is really cool. They eliminate the need to navigate those annoying phone menus when you call a typical large corporation. Instead they maintain a text representation of the options, and you can quickly skim through to select the exact location you want to get to. When you submit the request to fonolo they place the call on their end, automatically navigate the phone menus, and then call your phone with the company and department you want on the other end. The android app makes it even cooler because rather than having to navigate to the website and log into that, you can do it directly from the application in your Android based phone!

One big thing I am learning from this project is how cool of an operating system Android is. It is incredibly easy to write programs for the system, and you can write code on any operating system that supports Java(unlike the iPhone which requires OSX and XCode as far as I know). Additionally to deploy your application on the Android marketplace, you only have to pay a one time fee of $25 as a developer. For the same privalege you have to pay $99 for the iPhone marketplace. Once more Android based handsets come out I am sure Android will be very competitive in the internet phone marketplace.

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