Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Break

I just finished a very stressful term that involved applying to grad school, and three tough computer science classes. Now that it is over, I am already getting ready for next term and a whole new set of challenges. This coming term I will be writing up and presenting my undergraduate thesis based on work that I have done on and off since September 2007 under Joe Thornton and Bryan Kolaczkowski. Additionally I will be working on Software Methodology, a demanding Computer Science course that centers around a group programming project. I already have some ideas of what I would like to work on for that course. I am getting interested in Android, Google's new open source mobile phone OS. Developing apps for it seems pretty straight forward. Also once the apps are done, marketing them is as easy as uploading them to the Android marketplace. Although Android doesn't currently reach as broad an audience as the iPhone, I believe that it will eventually overtake the iPhone in the global marketplace. Additionally while the iPhone requires programming in objective C, which I have no experience with, Android is built on Java which I am fairly comfortable with. All in all Android seems a much better investment of my time and energy.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.


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