Monday, September 29, 2008

Artificial Intelligence

This is the first post of what I plan on being many posts about what I learn from day to day in my classes. Yes, this may be a good time to unsubscribe from email updates.

AI is extremely prevalent. More so than I previously thought. When I think of AI I typically think of humanoid robots like Kizmet. Examples that I wouldn't have thought of include the intelligent agents in computer games, wall street trading robots and risk management systems, Google web search, the mars rover... There are tons of examples out there. In fact every computer utalizes concepts that were first thought of in AI research. For example the idea of hard coding expert information into computers was an active area of research in the 80's; today searchable dictionaries, computer diagnostic programs, and online sites like webmd are commonplace.

I am very excited to continue on with this class. I plan on posting a few things that I find the most interesting from each lecture.

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