Thursday, November 29, 2007

Intense Term

I know every college student says it, but this term was intense! Most likely I will say it again next term, and the term after that... Anyhow I have been cramming tons of information to attempt and keep up with my new lab while also trying to stay on top of 3 science based classes. Not an easy task but I love it.

On the computer science front I am currently learning my way around python. Python is a high level scripting language with some pretty cool functionality. My only gripe with it so far is that regular expression handling has to be imported. Granted that there is probably a more elegant way to do the regex stuff I wanted to do, I ended up using about 5 lines of code to go through these files the lab uses for running bioinformatics simulations and pull out relevant data for a new project I am working on. I was not pleased with the relatively confusing commands for dealing with regular expressions either. Other than that I love what I have seen so far in Python. It seems much less confusing to me than Perl.

Thanksgiving was fun. I spent it in Seattle with my girlfriend and her sister's family. Seattle is a fun town and I am definitely adding it to my list of habitable locations.

Thats all for now. It's dead week and I need to get stuff done.

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