Monday, August 20, 2007


Confrontation is difficult for me. I will do it but I really dislike it. I realized since I took on a new job a little more than a week ago that I have too much on my plate. To top it off the new job really was not progressing me toward my goals of grad school. I need to get as much research in as possible.

I am doing pretty well in research. Currently I am working in a lab that deals with metal-halogen biomaterials. We study critters that have metal deposits in the parts of their bodies that are used frequently and generally prone to wear. It is interesting research and I am able to get very involved. I have already suggested a means for the binding of said metals that will definitely have to be looked into more because it is more or less a shot in the dark. I am also still trying to get into the Thornton lab, which looks like a likely possibility now.

The picture to the right is one taken by my friend Jack Niedbala. It is of the leaf cutter ants at work right here in our very own lab. They are very fun to watch.

If you are interested you can check out the website for the lab I am currently working in. I am actually in the process of building that website as well.

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Ani said...

Nice picture of 'Leaf cutting Ants' :)
Regarding confrontation, it is a energy sapping phenomenon and I feel avoid it as long as it does not fall directly into the field of your research, there on the contrary, it will give you the other's perspective and make you think more...