Monday, April 2, 2007

Yum, Sushi

I just got back from an incredible spring break in Boston and New York. In case you were wondering the picture to the left is me at the Boston aquarium. I am not really about to eat the poor little star fish.

I really need to stop asking people about what they do in life. I am one of those people who really listens and absorbs things. I am often fascinated by what is going on at the forefront of science and each time I hear about what project someone is working on for graduate work in whatever field I get sucked in. Next thing I know I start to plan out how exactly I am going to switch my majors yet again and take up whatever this new and exciting field is that I have just heard about.

Luckily for me and my school financiers I have realised this about myself. While I was in Boston I checked out the labs of my Girlfriend's sister and brother-in-law at MIT where they are both working on Graduate degrees. I was first introduced to Sal's (the Brother-in-law) lab. He is working on nano-scale coatings. May sound boring to the lay person but the applications for his work and his lab equipment were very cool. Next I visited Andréa's (the Sister) lab. She is working on nuclear Fusion as a possible alternative energy source. Through nuclear Fusion, one day we could all get the power we need from sea water. On top of how cool that idea is, her lab basically looked like a NASA rocket control room. It was very hard for me not to start thinking about my future as a physicist. Just to make sure that I still like what I do though I visited a lab at MIT that works on Genomics and Proteomics. They are doing things like searching for possible means of controlling HIV that do not enable the HIV to simply work up a resistance to the drugs. I must say, despite how cool Andréa and Sal's labs were I am still very much in love with Bioinformatics. The idea of coming up with a cure for cancer or aids is really appealing to me.

Just for you all I will throw in a picture I took of NYC at night while I was there. Enjoy...

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