Friday, March 16, 2007

An inconvenient truth for Fox, Forbes and whoever else I missed

I am writing this in regard to the headlines I have seen on Fox and Forbes this past week that went something along the lines of "An Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore". The spin here is ridiculous. Below are some key points.
  • Scientists weren't trying to debunk all of what Gore stated in his movie "An Inconvenient Truth" they were saying that he threw in some exaggeration.
  • The medieval warming period in the 1600's which was as warm as it is now was due to natural fluctuations. Scientists agree on the fact that the current warming trend is due to us.
  • It is scary to consider that us human beings have the power to bring about something as major as a global warming trend.
  • Scientists do not know how long it will last or if it will "naturally" reverse. We are talking about something totally different than a natural flux, we are talking about a man made issue.
  • The article I read on Forbes didn't mention a single thing about the CO2 levels in the atmosphere which was one of the biggest arguments Gore made in his movie.

OK so I know this isn't the best put together piece. I don't have time to make this pretty. I just wanted to get my opinion out there. The media needs to pay attention to what it says and the effects that it causes. When I read the headline I just thought to myself "Wow, there must be conclusive scientific evidence negating what Gore said. Whew, what a relief!". In reality when I read the paper on Forbes it said, to paraphrase, that scientists are in agreement that this current global warming trend is due to us. I wonder how many people skimmed that headline or even the first few paragraphs of the article and thought what I thought without bothering to read further.

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Tatiana said...

I just wanted to point out that scientists, geologists, at least, do point out that we are in a geologic period of global warming, we would be anyway. It's inevitable. Us humans and our works are speeding up the process, a lot. ;)